Using VS Code editor for server using SSH.

Have you ever thought of working on the server code directly and minor edits and also debug your server code when you find error in the server but working fine in the local branch.
SchoofsKelvin have developed an awesome extension for VS Code.

Here is how you can install and use it.

  1. Open your VS code and go to extensions and search for SSH FS, Install the extension from SchoofsKelvin.
  2. Once installed reload VS Code .
  3. Open the command palette using Ctrl+Shift+P or clicking from the top menu and type
    SSH FS: Create a SSH FS configuration
  4.  You will get a page to add your SSH server details, it can work in windows using putty and linux or mac by default terminal.
  5.  You also have the option to login by key based login and password prompt. Save the configuration and its done.
  6. Now click on the SSH FILE SYSTEMS and right click on the configuration and click on connect.
    Voila !! Now you can work on the server files as like its in local .

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